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Engineering Council registration

As a Professional Engineering Institution of the Engineering Council, the IRSE can register its suitably qualified members in the grades of Chartered Engineer (CEng), Incorporated Engineer (IEng) and Engineering Technician (EngTech). The requirements for each of these registration levels is laid down in the Engineering Council's standard, UK-SPEC (UK Standard for Professional Engineering Competence).

Why Register as an Engineer or Technician with the Engineering Council?
Registration with the Engineering Council sets engineers apart from those who are unregistered, and establishes their proven knowledge, understanding and competence. In particular, registration demonstrates a commitment to professional standards, and to developing and enhancing competence.


  • Identifying you as having competences that employers value
  • Indicating that your competence and commitment to professionalism have been assessed by other engineering professionals
  • Demonstrating that your competence may be compared with standards applicable in other parts of the world
  • Confirming that your commitment to professionalism is underwritten by the support of a national engineering institution or society licensed by the Engineering Council
  • International recognition of your qualifications.

As a result, registrants often find that:

  • It is easier to gain promotion or a new job
  • Their pay compares favourably with non-registered engineers and increasingly against other qualified professionals
  • They have greater influence within their organisation and industry
  • Their engineering credentials are respected in most parts of the world
  • They have access to a network of similarly qualified and experienced experts in their field - through their Institution
  • Their employers benefit as increasingly, tendering or post-tender contract compliance requires key members of the project team to have professional registration


IRSE Professional Exam holders:  Are you thinking of applying for Engineering Council registration..?


As you may know, there are two stages to registration; Interim (underpinning knowledge and understanding) and Final (competence and commitment).  The current academic requirement for Interim stage Chartered Engineer registration is a Masters degree, and for Incorporated Engineer registration; a Bachelors degree.  However, Bachelors degree holders who have been awarded the IRSE Exam, are eligible to apply for CEng registration.  Similarly, Higher National award holders who have been awarded the IRSE Exam, are eligible to apply for IEng registration.  Please note that both Bachelors and Higher National awards would be expected to be in appropriate subjects.


A note for those using IRSE’s mycareerpath online PD recording system


The Engineering Council have recently revised the requirements for Engineering Technician, Incorporated Engineer and Chartered Engineer, strengthening the commitment element of becoming a registered engineer or technician, and have included a new competence titled “Exercise responsibilities in an ethical manner” (E5).  There are also some minor changes to the examples for some of the other competences.


The profiles within the mycareerpath system have now been updated and have the abbreviated titles: EngTech (2014), IEng (2014), CEng (2014), to distinguish them from the previous versions.  However, if you have started using any of the old profiles, they will still be available to you to and the Engineering Council has given a period of 2 years (until February 2016), when registration would still be accepted on the old profiles (ie those without E5).  If you register with mycareerpath now and start using the EngTech, IEng, or CEng profiles you will only have access to the new 2014 set (ie those with E5).  For further details you are recommended to review the new 3rd edition (Feb 2014) of UK-SPEC using the link in the right-hand column.


Further details
For details of the registration process and how to find out whether you are eligible to apply, please see link in the grey panel.

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