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Professional Development
With the emphasis today on ensuring competent people the issue of continuing professional development (CPD) has never been more important. Regardless of whether you are at the start, middle or towards the end of your career, as a professional engineer you need to continuously consider your competence and be thinking about what you need to do to develop and maintain it. This will keep you employable and improve your skillsets. The IRSE has published a helpful CPD Guide on best practice for planning and recording your CPD, which supports the Institution's CPD Policy
Everyone’s CPD needs are different and will depend on where you are now, your ambitions and career aspirations. Keeping up to date with current and new technology is just one aspect of your development that you need to consider; engineers may also need to develop their management, teamwork, project management and communication skills to name just a few.
As well as attending seminars, conferences and formal training courses in work time, development of your competences can also be achieved through other means; examples include: Independent structured learning for IRSE Exam or other goals. Undertaking challenging projects and / or job swaps. Talking at colleges and schools about engineering. Reading technical journals and text books. Volunteering with your local IRSE Section. Attending, organising or presenting at technical visits and lectures, through your local IRSE section or through work. Gaining an academic qualification. Supporting the development of others.
The IRSE can also support your CPD through the following:
IRSE events: such as technical meetings and visits, technical conventions, seminars and conferences.
IRSE publications: IRSE’s monthly technical magazine, IRSE NEWS along with various text books on systems and practices which can be obtained from the IRSE online shop.
IRSE Knowledge page and Library: The Knowledge area of this web-site is regularly updated and includes the latest news, recent, presentations, technical papers and in some cases video recordings from meetings and seminars.  IRSE members can use the IET Library  facilities at Savoy Place, London.
IRSE Professional Examination: The IRSE Examinations  enables members to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of a broad range of technical and operational subjects relevant to train control and communications.
Mentoring: The IRSE offers a Mentoring Scheme to help members to develop their professional competence, achieve defined learning objectives and enhance their non-technical skills through mentoring provided by more experienced members.
You can record your CPD in a number of ways:
§  IRSE recommends the use of the online tool Mycareerpath
§  If you prefer you can download paper copies of the Mycareerpath templates and maintain manual records of your CPD
§  Your company may have its own CPD recording systems, paper or electronic that you can use
§  If you are an IRSE Licence Holder, then you can use your logbook for CPD recording.
Members who are registered with the UK Engineering Council as either CEng, IEng or EngTech by IRSE, or any other recognised Institution, are required by the Engineering Council to undertake and record their CPD. These records will be subject to random monitoring and evaluation from January 2017.
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