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Membership grades
Membership grades depend on an individual's qualifications and experience. The specific grades and requirements for membership are contained in our Articles of Association and Byelaws, which can be found here, but a summary of the requirements is shown below.

Click here to view a chart showing the various routes to the different grades of membership.

This category of membership is open to those currently on a course of full-time or part-time education relevant to the profession, or currently on a formal training programme.  Alternatively, those engaged in, connected with, or interested in the profession, or actively involved in its promotion, development and practice, but may not have a specific technical background, qualifications or experience, will also be eligible to apply for Affiliate. Please note, subject to assessment, a concessionary subscription rate may apply to some of those applying for this grade (see Subscription rates page).

Accredited Technician
You will need to demonstrate that you are competent in signalling or telecommunications engineering techniques through a competency assessment scheme such as the IRSE licensing scheme or have sufficient training and experience that is equivalent.

Associate Member
This grade is for engineers who have normally completed a recognised S&T engineering training scheme and either passed the IRSE's examination or alternatively, they will have satisfied the academic standard required for the Engineering Technician section of the Engineering Council or non-UK equivalent and have experience and be exercising responsibility within the profession, but will not have completed the necessary period for exercising senior responsibility required for the Member level.

Fellow and Member
The normal route is through applicants possessing academic/technical qualifications (at Chartered or Incorporated Engineer or equivalent outside the UK), having been trained in signalling and/or telecommunications engineering or associated subjects and have a number of years responsible experience or alternatively by passing the IRSE's professional examination (or an equivalent examination). Signal and telecommunications engineers who have held a position of senior responsibility within the profession for a number of years but may not have the same level of academic/technical qualifications may also apply. For Fellow, applicants must have had a number of years superior technical/managerial responsibility. Applicants may be called for interview by senior representatives of the Institution.

This grade is for persons who by their association with the profession or through their occupation in a position of eminence wishes to further the objectives of the IRSE. Companions are normally admitted by recommendation of the IRSE Council.​

Conducting an EMC test, Singapore